ImageMX Photoshoot Trackday… Wednesday 6th June 2012 @ Washbrook Farm MX

Hi Everyone…

Well its nearly here, our first ImageMX Photoshoot Trackday. Thanks to all those who have booked their spaces & for those who haven’t yet… time to get booked in, there are a very few spaces left now (limited to 40 riders). With just a week to go, we expect these to go quickly, if you have any queries or wish to reserve a space, you can contact me on 07957216682…

If you wish to camp the night before, please let Washbrook Farm now that you will be arriving. The day is fully marshall & covered by paramedic.

Now for all you who have booked their spaces, full details of the day are below.

Firstly, we have 3 photographers shooting the whole day, shoots will include a wide range & variety of shots. We all have a different shooting styles & different strengths, this should give you a CD full of some stunning shoots. Emanuel is a Video & Photographic student at Southampton University, he has work with me on many of my weirder shoots, great helper with lighting my closer work. Excellent at candid shots, so expect him to pop up around the pits from time to time. Next is Ed, some of you may know him, a rider at Washbrook & an up & coming photographer… he’s taken a few stunner’s at Washbrook, that I hadn’t thought of shooting, (not going to tell him that) this is where the different styles will work so well….. And lastly me… ah I get lucky sometimes… seriously my love, weird lighting, very close work & anything weird….


The Day…..

Please arrive as close to 9 as possible, please sign in as normal with the staff at Washbrook Farm, one of our staff will also take you details & a brief description of the rider & bike, for when we sort & send out your CD’s.

We will have an area setup near the track. From 9, anyone who has their bike ready can come to the area, in normal clothes or race kit. Here we will take a variety of shots with full studio lighting, close ups, every different angle I can come up with…lol, even chuck mum & dad in, we will spend 5 – 10 mins with each child… don’t panic if you do arrive a little late, we will have time at the end of the day to get some further shots of anyone who miss the morning or just wants some extra shots.

Riding starts at 11.00, this is when the kids can get warmed up & let a bit of steam off.. we will have all 3 togs out of track, shooting from a number of points. Feel free to ride when you want, there will be no sessions during the free riding periods. At 10.50 this session will be over, please return to the pits, have a break & get ready….

At 12.00 we will be covering our first session of Photoshoot, a section of track will be marked out, for example, 1 corner & one jump. Riders will be held in a waiting area, parents will be able to assist them if they wish. We will have marshalls to guide the riders off & release the riders, each rider will approach the corner & jump, 2 photographers will cover each section, again from many angles. Each rider will wait in the area until it is their go again. After 30 mins, we will move to another part of the track for another 30 minute session.

At 1.00, either grab some lunch or some free riding, again the track is open for an hour of free riding. With 3 togs covering track & pits, even if your relaxing your gonna get shot…

At 2.00, we will start our final session of Photoshoot, again another two sections of track will be sectioned off, ready for you to have ago at them over & over.. we will be working real close & with my lighting man helping, we will get some stunner’s….

At 3.00, we will start our final session of free riding, if you have any shots you really wanted, then this is the time, please feel free to ask us, we are all really approachable…

At 4.00, the riding will end, time to wash the bike, pack up, throw some exhausted kids in the camper & go home, but we will still be around for any shots you want, think I’d like a group shot for myself…

After the event, i’m hoping to have 4000 images, which will take me a few days to sort, finish & transfer on to CD. The best 10 images of each rider, will be edited similar to image beside. Also included in the CD, will be a discount card which, if you require prints will enable you to order them at Half Price.

We feel that this is going to be a great day for anyone who loves their riding shots, thanks to all those who have booked places, listed below (coming shortly), if your name is not there & should be, or you would like to book a space, contact us on 07957216682


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