ImageMX Trackday – Kids Only… 6th June 2012

We held our first ImageMX Photoshoot Trackday & wow, what an excellent day…. with a little panic the evening before, but a quick call to the track reassured me the weather wasn’t going to spoil the day..

Infact the opposite, I rolled into the pits at Washbrook Farm to be met with a superbly prepped track, full sun & moody clouds all around…. I couldn’t have been happier, got to love the fens just for the skies, great backdrops. The pits nicely filled up quickly, with riders of all ages & thier families. So time to crack on with the day, firstly rider & bike shots. The kids were naturals at posing, strange that. With a little lighting & the huge skies, we mange to capture some great images.

Next up, it was time to do some riding, with the whole paddock gagging to get out on track it was time to release them. With 50 minutes to get warmed up before the first of the photoshoot session, they very quickly got used to the track showing great style by all the riders. Hear we had the chance just to wonder around taking shots I dont always get time for, looking for shoots using more natural light & there was plenty.

Soon the free riding was over, the riders were herded into a waiting area by marshalls, we then cut the track down to the main Tabletop & a bermed corner before the jump. Marshalls would release the riders every few seconds & guide them back to the waiting area for their next run at it… This gave us a great chance to work real close, with Michael helping with my lighting & Ed covering the main Tabletop, the Kids were released. I’d opted for the corner shoots first & straight away I was capturing some great images. We swopped positions after after 10 laps, near the end of the of the first session came something a little different… Out with the long reach tractor, oh yes… Ed was hoisted up over the main tabletop, very cool angles… We managed to cover 2 sections in this first photoshoot session, leaving us with camears stuffed with cool images..

Back to another hours free riding…. but strange, was a little lonely on track, as the were all queueing at the catering van, so pit shots, few candids…. then back to the track…

With another hour in the afternoon of photoshoot session riding, the kids were really styling it up now. Even the auto’s were chucking themselves at anything that looked like a jump, them little nippers fly. This time we sectioned half the track, spending 10 minutes at a point & moving on, with the use of ladders & anything else we could find, it was great to find a few new angles..

Soon it was the final hour of free riding, what a surprise, most were still out there right to the end of the day, witht the amount of riding time this kids had got, thought a few would tire. 4 o’clock came & the track closed, with a few extra bike shots, it was soon time to pack up & go home….. just to sort 3,500 images….cool.

A huge thanks to everyone that came to our first event, to James & the Washbrook Farm MX crew on an excellent facility… we hope you had an enjoyable day, your CD with all your images from the day will be in the post, Monday.

Our next event is Adults Only @ Arncott Motoparc on the Tuesday 24th July 2012… For Full Details


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