PJMC @ Chatteris 13th May 2012

Huge thanks to PJMC on another excellent race meet, the track was in superb condition considering the recent weather we have all had. Some hard work put in by the Buttercup Farm Crew, well done.

It was great to feel as summer was eventually on its way, with the sun fully out & just a few clouds it looked to be a pretty good days racing. The day went well, with the track running pretty fast there was plenty of air shots, with the blue skies I managed to get a few decent shots..

With some excellent riding throughout all the groups, I had an easy day shooting, plenty of fast action to capture. Favourite group of the day, gotta be the Auto’s, they ride anything..

Huge thanks to all those who purchased prints, your Free Facebook images are on my page to tag. All other images are in our gallery.

We are running a Photoshoot Trackday @ Washbrook Farm MX on the 6th June… KIDS Only… there are a few spaces left, you can book a space in our gallery

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