The Spike… is here….

So it’s here.. The Spike.. take and support your lighting anywhere..

IMX-1After many requests from photographers due to the Motocross and MTB videos which have been watched by thousands. I thought it was time to put the best of what I had learnt over the last eleven years to use. I have had hundreds of things built and welded over the years, so taking the best from each, I will be releasing products over the near future which will aid photographers like myself who just love using their lighting everywhere…

Today, I am launching the first product of the range, The Spike.. Available in two sizes, 12″ and 24″, both produced from a mixture of steel and aluminium. Giving strength where needed, while keeping it as light as possible, the last thing you need is to be carrying more weight than is required. As shown in the videos and the work I do, I have to cover a lot of different shots, from different positions all with lighting. I needed something quicktht I could shove in the ground, couple of turns and my strobe was supported. The spiral really drives into most grounds, with the addition of the adjustable height it allows me to get my lighting exactly where I want it…

To purchase your spike..

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