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Photo Professional MagazineHi… My name is Colin Brister, 45, a professional decorator during the week… but come the weekend, I get to play in the dirt…. since having to give up riding three years ago, i’ve spent my time turning my love of photography into an obsession. I love weird, different, so over the time have worked a lot using off camera flash systems, post processing techniques and just always looking for something different.

This year I have been so lucky, with covering the launch of the KTM 2011 range of bikes at Canada Heights, excellent days shooting… covering day for TM’s… photo shoot for ZingBikes and a few other bits, its been a cracking year.. Hopefully this year, much the same.. As an added bonus, it has been great to be featured in several Photography Magazines, great to see you work in print.


With help from my wife Liz, most of the year (except when its too cold..). We cover practice days, race meets, enduro’s and most events with two wheels involved, but anything is considered (especially weird or dangerous), offering on site printing from our fully kitted van.

Over the last few years we have built up a pretty good system for taking and printing shots on the day, our van is fully kitted with display screens, a range of printers and work displays, even helmet cams for hire to make a excellent gift to take home. Our whole package is available for hire.

As for the photography…An & CJ are the two culprits for rekindling my love for photography & getting me hooked to MX photography… really look up to these two..

Love weird, lite & ultra wide stuff are my favourites, love working on close up with riders, always aiming one day to get that ultimate shot…will it come..maybe.

How It All Started

We got involved in MX twelve years ago, my son Chris was looking for a sport, tried all the normal ones. In the end we stuck him on a bike, got a few lessons from a local practise track. The boy & myself were hooked.


Six months later, he entered his first race, 85sw class….(didn’t even come last). Since then he has upgraded through the 85bw class, again on YZ85’s. With a few good results along the way.

Along with the MX, came the photography, always wanting a better shot of him. Then through meeting people on forums, taking photographs on practise days, track days and race meetings (trying to promote my sons club).


During this time I felt bored always on the side of the track, so obviously being a Dad and knowing I could do better. Stupidly went and purchased a KX125, wow what a blast… For the first years I managed to keep in front of Chris, even running him over once when he fell (ha ho,everything fair in MX).



But in the end the lad got to fast to keep up with. I get a few outings a year now with the odd race, in between Chris’s racing and photography.

2008 we will be racing a YZ125 & a YZ144. Been fun building the 144 and well worth it for the result…….Love the 144

Well for 2009 Chris has purchased himself a 2008 Honda CR250f, but we haven’t totally gone to the dark side……the 125 still comes out for a play.. Hopefully see some of you out & about..


If you need to discuss any services shown on our website, please feel free to contact myself on

0800 026 2075 or 07957216682


Email: mcdec@btinternet.com



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