Washbrook Farm 31st March 2012

What a change in the weather, it was a wee chilly today… Well done to Washbrook Farm on the track improvements. With alot of refaced jumps there was plenty of air shots to be taken. It was a good sized paddock with a great mixture of riding styles.

Today, with it being a little quietier then normal, I decided to have a play with a few shots & spent a little time using some old light settings that I haven’t used for a couple of years, still with some great effects on days where the lights just rubbish. I love photography, but there are days (most) it can drive you mad.. always having to think on your feet, if it aint working, why? Just when you work it out, the light changes, starts to rain… anything can happen…lol…

Next week… bit of a play with some of my older equipment.

Thanks to all those who purchased prints, FREE Facebook images are up in my albums, please feel free to tag yourselves…


Thanks Colin

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